Solution for Number range issue, Duplicate key, Gateway not assigned f-28 in S4core, SAP_FIN(R 720,730)

By | April 26, 2017

Are you facing the issue like Duplicate key while updating the records & automatic changes are happening in maintained Number ranges in the system. Do not worry, that is a SAP standard program error in S4core – Release 100/101(S/4 Hana) component. As well as in some other component as SAP_FIN of Release 720,730.

We also suffered almost 40 days. ABAP consultants & me(Basis) were tried many ways to resolve it. That was crucial and critical movements on the issue. Really we are not understand the behavior of the system at that time.

Finally I got the Solution, Let’s know about it :

After all these efforts, again we got one more issue in new client i.e., We are getting dump as GATEWAY_NOT_ ASSIGNED for SAPFL005 program in F-28 transaction. And respective Update process cancelled. Then again I trying to find the solution by searching with the help of keywords of error results. Then I found the new released SAP Note : 2337985.

“2337985 :Biller Direct: Message that function is not possible or dump in SAPFL005”

To correct that bug of SAP standard program, just implement the above mentioned SAP_Note. It released on 20.04.2017 only.

Before implement the note, you need to do One manual activity.

Steps For Manual Activity :

  • These steps are applicable for both S4Core as well as for SAP_FIN.
  • Go to SE91 Transaction. Then create a message class as ‘F1’ with message number ‘822’.
  • In that message number, enter the below text and SAVE it with specific Transport Request.
    “Clearing year for document &&& could not be determined”
  • That’s it, manual activity completed.

After completion of above manual activity, start the SAP-Note implementation with confirmation of manual-activity in between the process & complete it. Otherwise follow the below steps,

Procedure to implement the SAP_Note :

  • First of all, download the respective sap-note rar/zip file from service market place & extract that file.
  • Else you can also download directly, if you configured the OSS connection.
  • Then go to the transaction as “SNOTE” &  select Go to option & upload it by choosing upload option.
  • Now select the respective note Play button & execute it. Give the confirmation for manual activity & proceed.

Thank you!

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