Money Distribution App’s for who ever living with friends as a sharing

By | October 13, 2016

From the year 2016, everything is going to be control and manage or utilize through an application. Because of the development of app’s increasing day by day. Here is the one more best category applications for money sharing purpose. These are best for who are living with the friends or others also.

Here, I will explain few best applications.

  • KnoDues
  • Splitwise 
  • Walnut Money_Manager
  • Money View Money_Manager
  • Money-Manger Expense & Budget

Generally peoples especially students and those who ever stay away from parents and their native place, are suffers to  maintain record for shared expenses with their buddies. For example, if your planing to a holiday trip with your friends, okay. for that you and your friends need share the money to complete a successful happy trip. At that time, maintaining & track the record’s is very difficult and west of time. Am I right??

So, By using any one of above  Application in your mobile/tablet/note, you can easily manage and distribute the cash with  your roommates or friends or colleagues or with others at any time.  These are the most useful and reduce the working time and you can use that time for other purpose. Now I will teach you, what are features and advantages and disadvantages when compare to other apps of these Applications as below.

KnoDues App :

This is the one of the best one to split and track the shared expenses when ever you spend the time with others. Key points of this app are :

  • Money_split
  • Split easily with specific persons
  • Invite friend
  • Notifications
  • User Friendly & accurate.

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