Keywords Which Gives Quick Results In Google/Chrome like Olympics 2016

By | August 5, 2016

You should know some keywords, those gives very quick results in your Google search engine or in Chrome browser like Olympics. Most of the peoples do not know about these type of key words. Those are might helpful to you. I will teach you one by one as below,

1. Weather 

Just type this key word in your chrome URL field or in google, then automatically it shows weather report of respective area, where your living place, as per internet (Router) location like as shown in the below image.


If suppose, Click on ENTER Button after entering this key word, It will show entire day temperature variations , Let’s see in the below screen shot.

2016-08-02_22-40-38You can also search with particular area like any village or state or world. Here I will give some examples for that in the below,

Examples : Weather in Mumbai or weather in India

2. Translate :

This is the one of the best quick result key word in google. If you type this key word in your google search engine, then with in few seconds keyword translate tool appear in the your browser screen like as below screenshot. This tool having tool fields for translation. It is powered by google. This tool supports 103 languages. Rather than selecting language you can also set “Detect Language”, It is automatically detects your entered key word language.

2016-08-02_22-44-22In this tool having another two options, those are shown in the above image, one is MIC symbol and anther one is two opposite arrows. if you click first one, then it can detect verbal keyword as per given voice input. And by using second one, you can exchange the key words between the two translate fields.

3. Calculator :

Enter this key word in your U.R.L in google search field then press enter key. That’s it, Small scientific calculator will appear in your screen, observer in the below screenshot.


 4. Other search Keywords :

Still we have lot of different types of other key words are also available those are relate to Unit conversions and calculations and Quick facts and Sports and more & more.

* Unit Conversions :

Here, under Unit conversions also different types of things to be appear, like currency units and length and weight and temperature and distance and so on…

  • Currency Units Related : Just type “Currency converter” then press enter in google or Which type of currency you want convert, give the input as that currency like, if you 12 Dollars or 10 Euros or other currency.. then enter 12 dollars or 10 euros respectively in google. Then Automatically the result as like of your current living Country currency will display with currency converter in your screen. For example :   2016-08-06_12-59-37 2016-08-06_12-57-11
    And you can also find two currency scroll up buttons in the converter tool as like above. In that, you can also change any other country currencies.
  • Length or Distance :
    Search like as below

    • 1km to m
    • 1M to cm
    • 1cm to mm… etc.
  • Weight  :
    Search like as below

    • 1kg to grams
    • 50grams to kg
    • 20grams to pounds… etc.
  • Temperature :
    Search like as below

    • 25 Celsius to Fahrenheit
    • 25 Fahrenheit to Celsius

* SPORTS Related :

For sports, you can search like as follows :

  • Live Cricket score
  • Olympic Games



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