Best Free Online Video Chatting Web Site’s/App’s/Extension – Hangouts, Skype…

By | July 24, 2016

In this current Internet World, Every one has busy with their work like IT related or Hardware related or any other Business works. At the same they may needs to communicate with others either with face to face or Voice communication or Message. Even though Some people are staying out of Home town, Right!! So, that time also they needs to communicate with parents or friends or any other people. At that time these web sites/App’s/Extension  like Hangouts, Facebook, Skype … will be useful.

Lest start with some Best Free Online Video Chatting Web Site’s/App’s/Extension – Hangouts, Facebook, Skype…etc.

1. Hangouts -Powered By Google :

Pre-requisites for Google Hangouts :

  1. Professional Email
  2. Web Cam
  3. Mic Reciver
  4. May Not required good Background lighting

Now just go to you can able to see the following screen. Before making any conversation you needs to login to google accounts. So, click on SIGN IN  button at right top of the screen.

2016-07-24_16-59-32Then you will get a new screen, in that you able to login to google accounts with your credentials like as shown in the below screen,


After login to the google account, you can get HELLO!  screen. In that you have three options like VIDEO CALL , PHONE CALL and MESSAGE. As per shown in the blow screen shout select any option what ever you want do.


suppose, If you select VIDEO CALL then new window will appear with one small pop up, in that you need invite who ever you want as like shown in the below screen.


While chatting, in the respective screen, you have different option available like SCREEN SHARING and Full screen and you cable disconnect the receiver MIC or VIDEO or also able to disconnect the call like that you have three buttons available. If you want see below screen shots,

2016-07-24_18-04-45 2016-07-24_18-05-54  Even though google Hangouts also providing Hangouts On Air with 1080 pixel HD clarity live streaming video sharing option. These all work with high quality even though it will work with low speed internet access. So, I’m suggested to you, consider it as first preference.

Supported Devices : Laptops, PC’s, Mobiles, Tabs… etc.

2. Skype :

This is the most peoples like Business persons and Politicians and students all others using  Application in the World. This is available in three ways. i.e., one as a Application of .exe file for PC’s and Laptops and the second is Skype APP for Android devices and the final third file is an extension for web  browser.

  • Skype .EXE File : You can download from ” “. Then install in your Laptop or PC. After that you need to login with Skype account or Microsoft account like as below screen shot,
    2016-08-06_11-48-08You can also login with Facebook account credentials. Then enjoy with Skype video call chat or Messaging.
  • Skype_APP : This App is available for all Android devices. You can Download from Google Play Store. Then install in your smart phones and Tablet and Xbox and Wearable and enjoy.
  • Skype for Web Browser : You can also use Skype through web as Extension. It is available in google play store. So, go to play store, search like as Skype, then you can see like as below,
    2016-08-06_20-10-38Then you need to add it to your browser by clicking “Add to chrome” button. Now emoji will appear at right top of the your browser. From that you can able to launch the Skype_app, then use it and enjoy.

3. Facebook Video Call :

Here the second one is Facebook video call, Which is also good but it is not applicable in FB Applications. First of Login to your Facebook Account. Then open some one chat,to whom you want to communicate. Now you can able to see one video emoji at the top of the chat screen as like shown in the below image,


Now click on that video emoji, opposite person will get a new accept pop up. If that person accepted your request, then both can chat each other.

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